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Lucy AR Designs was born in 2016.

After studying Fashion Brand Management at university, completing 2 internships, and starting my career as a Brand Manager at Oh Polly, I realised that graphic design and branding made me very happy. Creating artwork and visuals never felt like work...

Whilst working on my business, I also had my written work published for The Fashion & Design Club, owned a direct sales and marketing business, became the Marketing Manager for Index Property Information, and landed as the Marketing Manager for Indigo Awnings, then more recently became the Brand Manager for an incredible company called Leap76.


All of these experiences have only increased my passion for promotion. I love creating beautiful aesthetics, analysing statistics to understand what works and constantly learning about the ever changing world of marketing. 


Offering branding and SMM to other businesses allows me to live out my dream whilst helping others realise their own.


It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together ... 


Lucy's Story

Lucy believes good design and powerful storytelling can bring a brand’s essence and personality to life. From conception to project completion, listening is her top priority to ensure she delivers the best possible results for her clients. Lucy's approach combines design inspiration from the art world with market research and analysis to provide a truly unique visual identity for her clients. 

Lucy's Values

Ask. Discover what the client needs.

ResearchLearn client's industry & comeptitors

Get inspired. Create something new.

Collaborate. Work with client to develop.

Service. Ensure client has the best experience. 

Over 50% of Lucy's clients came from a referral or are repeat customers. 

A note from Lucy

I’m a good person. And that’s something I’m very proud to say. I work on myself daily. My attitude, my reactions, my thoughts, my approach, my work ethic, my mind set; all of it! I always strive to be a better human than the day before. I will always try to give you the best experience. I know it's scary starting a business, I know how tiring it is working on your business alongside a full-time job, and I know that you don’t see profits for a while or if you do it goes towards overheads. I'm one of you and I’m here for you.

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